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Juggernaut Rottweilers Moo (Left) Juggernaut Rottweilers Luna (Right)

Meet our Family,
The Coles

The Cole Family

A 25 year passion for the breed - turned to our everyday life.

After our first two Rottweilers, we truly fell in love with the breed. First and foremost - they have been amazing with our kids. Rotties have been in all of their lives, at every age. Their loving nature, willingness to please, heart, confidence, intelligence, athleticism, and their instinct to protect their loved ones in many different ways, amaze us every day. We truly believe these are the best dogs you can get your paws on! 

Why should you become a part of the JR Family?

JLPP/Genetic Conditions Tested/Cleared

Hip & Elbow 


Juggernaut Rottweilers Bottle Feeding

 Handled, trained, and socialized, from day one.

We pride ourselves in our dogs temperament, and health - and there are reasons for that. All of our Sires' and Dams' are fully tested and cleared of JLPP,  and any other Genetic, Elbow, Hip, or Heart conditions common with this breed. With every litter that is born, our family works together on them right away to assist with every part of delivery, and any complications that might show during birth. Our babies are bottle fed Goats milk, along with their Mom's natural milk to give them the best of both worlds in regards of nutrition from day one, and relieve some work from their Momma. Once their eyes and ears open, their training begins. Learn more about our process, and how we prepare our pups for their forever homes below!

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